Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Our Registry - Target

This is my second post in my wedding registry series here on my blog. This list includes all of the things we registered for from Target. If you missed our list from Bed Bath and Beyond you can check it out here!


I love our coffee maker. It only takes three minutes
to brew because it constantly holds water and keeps it warm!

Sugar Pourer

Butter Dish

We went with white in our kitchen and this was my
favorite look and it had good reviews too. So far so good!

Ninja Blender
Pretty expensive.. but this thing is high powered and awesome.

You need a big set of storage containers. You can never have enough!
Kitchen Shears

Dish Scrubbers

Electric Kettle

Blue Bath Towels x4

Blue Hand Towels x4

Blue Wash Cloths x4

Blue Bath Mat

Gray Bath Towels x4

Gray Hand Towels x4

Gray Wash Cloths x4

Clear Shower Curtain


Toilet Brush and Holder

Jersey sheets are so comfy.

Shark Steam Mop
This thing has been a life saver for my wood floors!

Toilet Plunger


Stefan insisted on this and I must say it is pretty convenient.

Broom and Dust Pan

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