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  1. VIP memberships are:
    Shoe Dizzle
    Adore Me
    JustFab Works
    Fragrant Jewels (not sure)
    Kate Hudson under the Fabletics logo

    This is the same bait and switch maneuver companies have been pulling since CD of The Month clubs in the 90s

    Apparently JustFab works like this: once you buy something from their website, you become their "VIP member" without your knowledge. Then you will have to log into their website between the 1st-5th of each month and click “Skip This Month”. If no action is taken (either skip this month, or cancel your account), they just charge you a $39.95 fee every month.

    I wonder how much of this $100 million dollar company is from people like me, who simply didn't read their entire 2,500 words Terms of Service and were unaware that they were charged $39.95 a month for nothing. AdoreMe's account pages show no sign of the VIP membership you've signed up for, even in your list of recent transactions. I found out on the 4th month ONLY because I went to the credit card site and seen a pending charge from Adore Me for $39.95. After contacting the credit card company by email, they called me at home to let me know that this isn't the only company that is this way. Any commerical that you see the VIP membership (menshion) then BEWARE. You will play hell getting out from under this company. They returned the 3 months of charges they had charged me only because I also got the BBB included in the disput of charges being placed on my card. But the next month, (only by chance) that I went into the credit card I used for the first purchase, did I not see again.............. $39.95 charge from Adore Me. AGAIN.
    I finally called the credit card company and had my card number changed. And they let me know that without my new number, they would not be able to put anymore charges on my credit card. And going to the Adore Me site, I was albe to get back the lastest charge that was placed on my card. You have 30 days to get that charge back.
    I also put a 2 month hold on the charges. So between the 2 months reprieve on auto charges and changing my credit card number, I know I will not receive anymore charges related to Adore Me. In closing I would like to say that these sites would make money being honest with their sales. I was thinking of buying more bra and underwear sets when I found out that they were charging me without my knowledge. So Long JustFab sites FOREVER.