Friday, December 6, 2013

Our Registry - Bed Bath and Beyond

This is the first post in my registry series here on my blog! I've included the links to the products we registered for.. as long as they were still available and also included pictures of products I'd highly recommend. I added captions to try to tell you all why, too.

Here we go!

Bed Bath and Beyond:

Deviled eggs are a favorite in both of our families and this
container is great for transporting to gatherings.

Spices are expensive so this is a great way to get most of what you need for seasoning.

You can always find a use for old grocery bags, and this holder looks
very attractive on the inside of our cleaning supplies cupboard.
I love my juice jar because I love making my own iced tea and lemonade.
It's just so pretty sitting in the fridge, too!

Salad Spinner

A set of utensils is a great way to get all you need.

Twenty bucks and you've got a nice set of all of the measuring tools you need.

We have two in our fridge and they are great.
Much better than looking at a cardboard box of coca cola.

You can't go wrong with a Pyrex set. I use them constantly!

Cooling Rack

So happy with our silverware. We got two sets so that
we can accommodate our families for dinner.

These bowls are so convenient with the lids.
Makes them perfect for sticking in the fridge.

Round Cake Pan

The lock makes these tongs so practical and
takes up half the space in the utensil drawer.

Meat Grinder

Great for smoothies or thicker drinks!

Heaven on your feet. We have two so far!

I love this clock. Looks great in between our living room
and dining room and we always get compliments.
I saw this recommended on a blog and am so glad I registered for it.
I love it and can't wait to use it for years to come.
Again. Heaven on your feet. We don't have a dishwasher  besides myself..
so this mat is a good friend of mine.

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