Thursday, March 17, 2016

Gender Neutral Nursery Reveal | Moon and Stars Theme

We have been daydreaming about transforming this room since before our little one was even a certain part of our future. We knew we wanted something neutral and Stefan is the one who came up with our theme. We both love space so it only made sense that we would run with it. The moon and stars idea came together so well and I'm so glad we chose this for our baby.

A lot of planning, thinking, and love went into preparing this space. I'm excited to be able to share my favorite place in our home with you...

This is the wall to the left when you walk in. 

crib | crib skirt and bumper | crib sheet {target}

giant canvas {diy} | yarn wrapped mobile {diy}

This is what you see directly left of the door into the nursery. Stefan and his handy self made the switch plate. A lot of our books came from my coworkers. They sure know how to get a library started!!

I know a lot of people are probably saying, "A T.V. in the nursery? Really?!" Hear me out. Anything to get Dad to stay up and keep Mom company during those late nights will be worth it! And I probably won't complain about a little throwback Nickelodeon in the middle of the night either ;)

 binky dish {similar} | rocket switch plate {Stefan's diy}

This is to the right of the door. Our old house has some strange closets (if a room even has one) so there isn't a door. I like the open look of it anyway... especially since Stefan revamped the inside with some floor to ceiling bead board. It's so bright and I love the gray stripes peeking out.

dog tail hooks {under baby robe!} | sun mirror {gift from a friend painted silver}

 striped hamper and baskets | hanging shoe organizer {target}

On the wall beside the closet we have this cute little shelf hanging with a lot of meaningful things and a birch tree limb with some shower hooks for hanging things. No, we don't know we are having a girl. We just have some headbands on backup because all of our clothes are neutral which in turn makes them seem more boyish. lol. You know if I have a little girl I'm going to have this little lovey so dolled up!

The bottom shelf has some painted wooden blocks. The bottom row is our baby girl name and the top is our baby boy name. We aren't keeping them a total secret from the world but decided against posting them anywhere until after baby comes and one of them is certain! Whichever we don't use this time we plan to use in the future. The "Jesus Loves Me" teddy bear was the first stuffed animal that was purchased for baby. It is especially dear to my heart because my daddy is the one who picked it out and gave it to us for Christmas. I love picking it up and giving it a squeeze. It will definitely be coming with us to the hospital and I can't wait to tell baby how special it is special because it came from Papa.

Moving up we have a porcelain bunny and pair of vintage baby shoes which were a part of a gift from some coworkers. The little "Bushel and a Peck" canvas came from my momma. She picked it out with my brother. Sweet story, both my family and Stefan's enjoy singing this song to the babies!

The top shelves have a little mom and baby figurine which was a gift from a sweet friend, On the Night You Were Born opened to my favorite page because it goes so well with our moon and star theme, an angel and moon decoration from another sweet friend, and some pretty flowers from the same coworkers I mentioned before. Those will probably end up on a little table next to the rocker but I like them there for now.

moon and star cut out shelf {goodwill} | wooden blocks 

Next to this is the futon. We really wanted this in here because even before baby is here we love hanging out together in this room. I usually nestle up in the rocker and Stefan takes the futon. We could stay for hours! My little sister picked out the bunny rabbit and named him Stars. You can't tell in this picture but his ears have stars the color of the futon. So perfect.

Taking up the rest of this wall opposite the crib is a small collage and tassel garland. Stefan did the prints and quote and we included two pictures from our maternity session.

small 5x7 frames {ikea} | big 8x10 frame {walmart} | tassel garland {diy}

This is what you get a good glimpse of when looking into the room. I love the classiness the mirror and dresser brings. When I get up to use the restroom in the middle of the night, I stop and stare in every time. I can't get enough of how precious it looks and how excited I am for baby to get to enjoy it.

mirror {goodwill}| dresser {goodwill} 

changing pad | changing pad cover | diaper organizer {similar to big}

Next to the dresser is our rocker. I was nervous about picking one out online without seeing it in person but it ended up matching the bedding we picked perfectly! I want to add some little cloud shaped pillows to the rocker and futon eventually. 

rocker | ruffle edge curtains {diy a la my mother in law!}

 star night light | quote canvas {tj maxx} | white shelf {repurposed}

Another gift that Papa picked out is hanging right above the rocker.

And that takes us full circle! I hope you enjoyed this little peek into our sweet baby's room. We're basically ready baby, all we need is you <3

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