Sunday, February 21, 2016

Bumpdate | 34 weeks!

This pregnancy is flying by! Even though my uncomfy days and sleepless nights are growing in number... I'm not quite to the point where I'm ready to be done. I'm so excited to meet baby, of course, but I honestly think that I will be one of those ladies who actually misses being pregnant. There's a certain comfort in knowing that I get to keep my little one safe with me every where I go and when I feel large and in charge, those little kicks remind me exactly why it is all worth it. It's also pretty liberating to walk out of the teacher's lounge with two cupcakes fully knowing no one is thinking a judgmental thought. Also, walking around in public I feel like a super hero. I mean sure- I'm waddling around like a fool - but how many of you are currently growing a human?! It's some hard work and I'm proud of it! ;)

I've now had both of my showers come and go. I am so thankful to have so many people in my life who are so happy about our little one. It was truly amazing to feel all of the love for baby and me. I don't think I'll ever enjoy being the center of attention though. I'll be pretty pumped when our lil tot is old enough to run the show for birthday parties! My mother and sister in law threw an adorable "woodlands" theme shower in late January. This past week, my teaching team threw a beautiful "starry night" theme shower. I felt like such a lucky girl! These ladies put a lot into both days!!

We started our baby related classes this month and only have one more week to go. We decided on doing a four week birthing education class, a happiest baby on the block class, breast feeding class, and preregistration/hospital tour. They've mostly been so helpful and honestly kinda fun! Weirdly, they have been a great time for Stef and me to bond and I know he's going to be so wonderful during the labor and delivery process. If I can hold on to humor I'm all set. He never ceases to make me laugh... even when it's not exactly appropriate to do so.

Here's a photo of Stefan with our "child" for our happiest baby on the block class. We. Were. Dying.

Even though I know A LOT about it all now, I feel as though it has helped to calm my nerves about the unknowns of giving birth. It is reliving to know that if and when things happen, I know the why and how.

I'm going to try to blog a "bumpdate" next week as well so that I can hopefully share some new ultrasound pictures of baby as well as some maternity pictures!

I also hope to do posts on Gender Wives Tales, What's in my Hospital Bag, and our Nursery Reveal.

Until then here's a little nursery sneak peek for those of you who may not follow me on instagram...

How far along: 34 weeks and three days

Size of baby: pineapple {19-22 inches, 4.9 lbs according to WTE}

Must have items: Most of the same things as my last bumpdate, plus a place to sit most of the day {lol}, warm tea, and warmed up sock filled with rice. 

Total weight gain/loss: about the same as last time! The pounds keep coming and I keep eating. I do make my kids do exercising while they practice spelling words and I do it with them. That counts for some effort, right?!

Maternity clothes: What would I do without teacher friends?! They've been so great and helpful in this area among others! I've purchased things here and there that were "maternity" but the prices of maternity clothes are ridiculous! I've mostly just picked a gazillion sizes up from the regular department. 

Sleep: I love naps on the days I can squeeze it in. Every night is different. I mostly sleep pretty well but have been waking up wide awake well before my alarm clock or waking every hour with hip pain but able to sleep longer. It just depends. A few nights I've moved to the couch and the change allowed me some extra hours of slumber!

Challenge of the week: Last Saturday. It was our hospital tour and preregistration day. It was exciting but mostly overwhelming. Seeing the OR made me way more scared about having a c section if I'd need to. It was so cold and blah! I was a wreck the rest of the day.

Comments: My personal favorite by a retired teacher whom now subs but I had the chance to work with when she volunteered during my student teaching... 
Her: looks at me walking and bursts out laughing, "look at that waddle!"
I guess I look about as comfy as I feel some days! Lol!

Best moment this week: Cuddling on the couch and feeling baby kicks with Stefan, sitting in the nursery together working on small projects, feeling so spoiled and loved by my amazing work family at the shower they threw for baby!

Symptoms: Frequent urination, pressure, baby kicks, acid reflux, leg cramps, congestion, hip pain. 

Food cravings: waffles, oatmeal, and pasta with butter. 

Food aversions: still red meat, food that brings on acid reflux. 

Emotional Moment of the week: Saturday again. 
Sunday night. 
Tuesday at my shower. 
Last Friday when the lunch ladies gave me a card for baby. <-literally went to the bathroom to open it in private cause I knew I was going to lose it. The teachers lounge wasn't safe and we had inside recess. 

Fears: All of the unknown about how labor and delivery will actually play out. Baby being a chunk and not being able to deliver on my own. 

General Mood: Still happy though I'm pretty much the worst when I am grumpy and sad.

Gender: Still not finding out!

Labor signs: No. I think I've had a few legit random contractions unless the BHicks are just getting real serious now. 

Belly button in or out: It’s just there. Not fully out but she's stretched to her limit I think. 

Things I was surprised by: How much I've enjoyed our classes and certain things I've learned from them. Like when you shush a baby you want to actually meet their loudness level of crying instead of being soft about it. And that foot rubs are off limits in the 3rd because they seem to really induce labor. And if your baby is breech you should try massaging your baby toe. So many cool and interesting things!

What I miss: Being able to sleep on my back and belly. Deli sandwiches. Being able to switch positions without feeling the need to grunt from my lack of belly muscles.

What I'm looking forward to: Packing the hospital bags, installing the car seat, finishing planning for the year, finishing the nursery, our maternity shoot on Sunday, seeing baby again next week, meeting baby in about five and a half weeks!!!!

Baby Movement: There are many punches to the bladder and kicks to the ribs a day. 

Bump: No denying it!

What I think is really cool and crazy: Baby will be here NEXT MONTH! Daddy is ready as ever and it's so fun to see how excited he is :)

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