Sunday, September 14, 2014

Pencil Skirts & Button Down Shirts

Dressing like a professional working woman has slowly become one of my goals for this school year. Something about dressing the part makes me feel like a top notch teacher even though I can honestly admit, it's true what they say. No matter how badly you want to know what you're doing- you don't. There are so many curve balls and every day is a new lesson learned and a new strategy test drive. It has to be that way in order to learn how to be the best. 

On the days that I want to go home and drink a glass of wine by 11:00am,  looking like a professional helps me feel like a professional and therefor it's like I can trick my brain into thinking I've got it all figured out. Nice "work" clothes aren't cheap. Thank God for hand-me-downs. I have just about no extra time for shopping, and when I do.. I'd rather fall down on the floor and stay there until I have the energy to move again. HA! Teaching isn't a nightmare. It's fabulous. But when you put your whole self into it, it's easy to get lost. 

Goodwill has always been my friend and she hasn't disappointed lately. I've made a few quick stops the past few weeks and scored some pencil skirts and button downs from banana republic, gap, and the limited. eBay has also been my friend lately. Winning a bid on a skirt for 3 dollars or less with a couple bucks shipping? Holla! Ballin on a budget. Last, did you know people sell clothes on insta? Wives, don't tell your husbands... It's about to be game over. People post pics of clothes they don't want and you can snatch them up! It's incredible. Scroll through my feed..."cute baby," "woah beautiful scenery," "aw I miss her," "THAT SKIRT IS MINE!"

I hope to start posting my OOTDs for any student teachers or working ladies out there. Until then, here's a look at one of my second hand outfits.

Flower Statement Necklace || Target
Drop Pearl Earrings || Target
Blue Ruffle Front Button Down || LL Bean
Gray Seersucker Pencil Skirt || The Limited
Black Flip Flops || Charlotte Russe 


  1. Great outfits! It's hard to find trendy pieces that are appropriate for teachers. Glad you're back blogging!

  2. I'm in my second year of student teaching and you're totally right about when you look the part you feel much more confident! The kiddos even see it when you're put together!
    Can't wait to see more outfit pictures!