Monday, September 22, 2014

First Day of Fall

So the autumn equinox occurs at like, 10:30 tonight. Is it jumping the gun to say "first day of fall" then? Should I wait until the first full day to consider it the first day? I'm already over it.

We had a teacher inservice day to work on a bunch of things no one outside of the education world cares about... (and most in the education world don't care about it either!) The picture above is my, "I'm really not happy about starting the day a half hour earlier than normal but at least I still got up and made myself look like a human after being sickly all weekend" selfie. If such a thing existed.

 It was chilly and it felt like fall today. And I loved every moment of it. The meetings, not so much. But the fall sky, absolutely. Especially during cheer practice. Did we know I was an assistant middle school cheer coach now? Well I am, nevertheless, and I think it's actually pretty great. It's kind of refreshing to spend an hour of my Monday evenings with young, silly girls who laugh about the stupidest things and act like goofballs non stop. It's quite a change from spending all morning and afternoon with adults. And on normal Mondays when I'm teaching, it's nice to see that my crazy, full of life students won't lose their adventurous and light hearted sense of themselves for quite a few more years!

I stole one of Stefan's "man scarves" to wear for the day. I'm pretty sure I got him this one for Christmas four years ago. I'm also pretty sure he never wore it. 

The best part is I was so comfy, probably just as comfy as the teachers who "dressed down" today... but I didn't have to show it! Those kind of outfits are my favorite. I'd rather wear a skirt over pants any day though. Am I alone in thinking dresses and skirts are more comfortable than pants? Maybe I just need to invest in a good tailor to hem my dress pants so they aren't miles too long on me.

Statement Necklace || NV Jewelry
Drop Gold Earrings || Forever21
Men's Scarf || Kohls
White and Brown Striped Sweater || TJ Maxx
Draped Shawl Cardigan || Forever21
Cranberry Pencil Skirt || TJ Maxx
Gold Ballet Flats || TJ Maxx 


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  2. OMG this outfit is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!! Love every.single.thing about it!
    Also I wholeheartedly agree that skirts and dresses are better :)