Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Ten Not-So-Fabulous Facts About Our Wedding

1. Stefan's ring was never ordered

We ordered Stefan's ring in May.. a good three months before the wedding. It was supposed to take four-six weeks. Mid July rolled around and we still hadn't received a call. Come to find out, they took our money and never actually placed the order! I was a mess. They told us there was no way we'd get it in time so we got a refund and took our business elsewhere. Stefan found one online and it shipped in less than a week. Thank God!

2. Accommodations was spelled wrong on our invite packet

With a few invites left to stuff and stamp.. we noticed that accommodations wasn't spelled correctly. We freaked out about the 100 plus wasted envelopes, stamps, ect.. then decided, "oh well." We sent them out wrong anyway. Obviously we would have liked for it to be correct, but it's not a word you see a lot, it was on an insert in the packet, not many people needed rooms anyway, it wasn't worth the money to fix it, and in the big scheme of things it didn't really matter. I never told my mom. She would've freaked! The few people that I had asked if they noticed hadn't so we decided to laugh it off. The day after sending them out Stefan's brother in law heard the top ten words no one spells right on the radio and accommodations was one of them!

3. Our napkins were the wrong color

We found out two days before the wedding that the color we picked was discontinued! The color we ended up having to choose worked out just fine though.

4. The processional was totally off

Our wedding was supposed to start at 4:30 but cars were still pulling in at that time. Our Pastor asked me if we should continue to wait or start right on time and I said to wait. The musicians started playing our processional music at 4:30! We had two songs.. one for our Guests of Honor, Grandparents, and Moms and the other for the wedding party. My aunt accidentally was included in the processional and my mom walked down to the second song so the timing was off and there was a lull in between the wedding party and me. I guess it made everything more dramatic!

5. One of my BM's flight was delayed. Twice!

She flew in on the Thursday before so besides being an annoyance for her.. it wouldn't have been a big deal. Except she was going to be late for the bachelorette party and my MOH, the one throwing the party at the nail salon, was the one picking her up an hour away! It wasn't a big deal to me.. I felt bad for both of them since they didn't get to get their nails done! They still came to the salon late and we had snacks and wine and opened gifts before heading out to eat.

6. Stefan ALMOST showed up an hour early to the barn

The guys all met at Stefan's before coming to the barn. They were supposed to get there around three, that way us ladies would have time to get my dress on, get pictures, and hide away before they got there. One of my bridesmaids, Bethany, texted Stefan to make sure he was staying off of social networks and discovered they were heading to the barn early! She made him stay at home, thank God. We were still in the middle of pictures when the guys showed up.. but we were on the other side of the farm and my girls kept me hidden until Stefan was in a barn so he wouldn't see me.

7. The cake lady didn't get paid

This probably stressed me out the most on the wedding day. Stefan had all of the money to be given on the day of the wedding and then he was going to hand it off to our helper for the day who was in charge of making sure everyone was paid. I told the cake lady to come at three, that way the cake wouldn't melt and Stefan would be there with the money. When us ladies showed up at two.. the cake lady was already there and had been there for a half hour. I started stressing because she was ready to leave! I went out to the bride's room to get my dress on and wrote out a check from my own account but she had already left by the time I was finished with getting the dress on. It wasn't a big deal. I sent the money to her in the mail and called her to let her know since she lived about an hour away. 

8. I didn't get pictures with all of my grandparents

This one bothers me most, because though I said it didn't upset me at the time.. it really did. My grandparents were supposed to stay seated after the ceremony so that we could get family formals done right away. They forgot and walked out with every one else and went into the barn. I got pictures with my mom's parents and later got a not so formal picture with my dad's mom and step dad but his dad and step mom left before we got a picture. It meant a lot that I was able to have all of my grandparents physically with me. I just wish there hadn't been so much tension and that I could have a photograph to document them being there with me on my special day.

9. Our ring bearer didn't walk down the aisle

Kids will be kids and Peyton was so cute as our ring bearer. We knew at two years old, he was pretty young and there was a good chance he wouldn't do it.. so the pillow just had fake rings. He's our nephew and there is no one in the world I would have rather had even if he didn't actually go down the aisle. Plus, he hammed it up on the dance floor anyway!

10. I had strep throat on our honeymoon

The morning after the wedding, I woke up with a sore throat. It got progressively worse and by Tuesday night.. I was miserable. Stefan took it like a champ. We went to the clinic twice Wednesday and had to cross the bridge to the UP to get my prescription then spent the rest of the night re-cooping in the hotel room. By some miracle, Stefan didn't end up with it.. even though we'd never kissed so much in our lives. LOL. We still had a wonderful honeymoon and we joke that I had to test out the "in sickness and in health" part of the vow right away.

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