Wednesday, November 6, 2013

My Favorite Things - October 2013

1. The Voice

Stefan and I have been watching The Voice this season. He watched it last year while he was at school but I never really got into it until now. The singers on there are so good! A lot of famous artists can't sing well live to save their lives or at all without auto tune. I'm very impressed by the talent on the show and I love the judges as well. Here are some of my front runners: Caroline Pennell, Jonny Gray, Matthew Schuler, Ray Bourdeaux, Will Champlin,  Preston Pohl, Amber Nicole, James Wolpert, Cole Vosbury, and Jacquie Lee. There are a lot I like. 

2. Kiss Eyelashes and Glue

I talked about why I like these two items in a recent video. The glue especially is my favorite. I don't think I'll be trying any new lash glue anytime soon.

3. Craiglist Joe

This was a one time watch documentary but it was super touching. Had me in tears and gave me a little hope for the world. Basically, this young guy decided to see if he could live for an entire month off of craigslist. It was awesome to see the people that reached out to him and helped him on his way. I'd like to think I'd be so helpful and giving.. but I find myself wondering if I would trust a complete stranger enough to let them into my home. You can watch his journey on Netflix. And you should!

4. Black Cherry Lipstick

Perfect berry lipstick for fall. And it was under five dollars, too. Can't beat that!

5. Riding Boots

I talked about my new riding boots in the same video as mentioned above. I've been wearing these puppies since I got them.. not at the same time though, of course.

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