Thursday, October 31, 2013

Statement Necklaces

When statement necklaces began making their way into forever 21 and target, where I mainly shop for jewelry, my head couldn't grasp why. Why would women spend money on huge, chunky, oversized, and extremely fake looking necklaces? Come on. We all know the bling bling on some of those pieces are not real diamonds. Rebelling against this trend for awhile.. I've recently come to terms with the look and have found myself becoming increasingly more drawn to pin pictures of fall outfits on Pinterest which include statement necklaces as one of the accessories. 

Okay.. so it still bothers me a teeny tiny bit that some of the pieces I see have these huge "diamonds" that no one would be able to afford if they were real but I like them in a weird way. It's come to my attention how one chunky necklace can totally transform a plain jane outfit.

I stopped in at Charming Charlie's today to find one to test out the statement necklace waters.. and picked up three. One was regular price and the other two were on clearance. On top of that, CC was having a sale where clearance items were buy one get one free so I really only paid for one and a half! Pretty exciting. I put one on as soon as I got out to my car and really liked the way it looked with my outfit. I'm obviously sold already...

A selfie for your entertainment. JK.

The two that were on clearance are the same but in different colors.

If you're uneasy about this trend like I was.. tell yourself the same thing I did. (You may have to adjust it to fit your age. lol.)

You're only in your twenties once. When you're thirty and have a "big girl job".. people will definitely judge you for wearing gaudy fake diamond necklaces. Do it up while you can.

Wise words, my friends, wise words.

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