Sunday, September 8, 2013

"Free" Chair Makeover

Stefan and I went to my house the day after our wedding so that I could pack for our honeymoon. It took me a while to get everything together and it was dark by the time we headed back to his house for the night. On our way, we drove past a sign by the road that read 'free' with a heap of junk sitting behind it. From the headlights we could see that there were two dining chairs. As I mentioned, it was dark so we didn't know just what we were picking up until the next day when we pulled them out of the back of the car...

They've got potential..right? Side note- the green is not paint. We sanded the chairs down and gave them a few coats of paint and Stefan's mom recovered the seat with some leftover fabric she had laying around...

I love the way these little chairs look now! They will be absolutely perfect for the little breakfast nook we hope to create in our kitchen. I think I'm going to get a stencil and use light blue paint to add a little pop to the back panels of these chairs. I'll decide on that once we start making over our kitchen.

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