Saturday, May 21, 2016

Letters to Luka | Two Months Update

My sweet Luka,

When you were one month old, I said I knew the time would fly. And here we are with two months come and gone. You've been the best little sidekick since you've come into my life and these four weeks and two days since my last letter to you have been just as wonderful as the first four. 

You and I have become the best of buds. We've conquered many shopping trips {the bumpier the grocery cart the better}, been to cedar point twice {you stay on the ground, just like me for now}, and have made it through to restaurant experiences. You slept through your first dinner date with daddy and me! You've watched mama cry through many books as I've read them to you and heard me sing many lullabies. I even adjusted the words to Anna Kendrick's "When I'm Gone" and sing it to you before I leave for work. 

"I gotta get up go to work today. My room's got the prettiest of views. It's got letters, it's got numbers, it's got bright and pretty colors, but it sure would be prettier with you. When I'm gone. When I'm gone. I'm gonna miss you when I'm gone. I'm gonna miss your button nose I'm gonna miss your little toes, oh. I'm gonna miss you when I'm gone. 

When I'm gone. When I'm gone. I won't be gone for much too long. I'll be back to give you lovies, I'll be back for kisses and huggies, oh, so don't forget me when I'm gone."

We keep going with your eyes, smile, tummy, and other things when we sing the song until I've covered all of the wonderful things that you are. Going back to work and leaving you has been one of the toughest things. I miss you a lot when I'm gone and cry on my way to school. I worry that you'll be mad at me or forget me or that I'll miss some awesome thing you'll do. But I know Mima is taking good care of you and the pictures and videos I get during the day make me even more excited to see you and love on you when I get home. I promise that we will make the best of our evenings and weekends during the school year and our summers together will make up for the time I'm not with you. 

You've truly made being a mama so easy and I love all of our little moments together. When it's time to let your perfect little body rest for the night, I love when you aren't quite sleepy yet and you stare up at me from your bassinet beside the bed. I think you like watching me fall asleep just as I do you. And when we wake up in the morning and you finally open your  eyes to face to day, I give you a smile and you smile right back, melting my whole heart into a pile of mush. No matter what is going on in our lives, I can't not be grateful for a day that gets to begin like that. I'll hold on to them forever. 

So here's the scoop on your second month, Luka Bear. 

My last post, you were still under ten pounds. Now, I can't believe how big you are! We will be going to your two month appointment soon, but the last you were weighed you were 10 pounds and thirteen ounces around six weeks!

You are still wearing 0-3 months but where your sleepers once were loose they now fit nice and snug. You've even grown into some 3-6 month pants! Your old navy ones are our favorite, by the way. We are still using size one diapers but I don't think we will for much longer! We're trying to use up this stash of 350 size ones but I'm not sure we're going to make it. You're getting pretty close though!

We've had to change the straps on all of your seats at least twice now. You should've seen mama and daddy trying to figure out how to loosen the straps on your car seat. Well, you were there and I'm pretty sure you thought we were crazy!

So far so good on this front! Again, your little belly gets rumbly from time to time and it hurts me to see you scrunching up from the bubbles, but we are learning how to help you. Other than that you've been healthy and we are so thankful! I'm currently hoping you don't catch the cold I've got or I will feel terrible for giving it to you!

You're favorite thing I think. When nursing during the day, you will start to get hungry every two hours if not a little earlier. You only nurse for 10-15 minutes at a time though. We started giving you pumped milk in a bottle just after one month to get you used to it for when I went back to work. You are such a laid back little boy and you will take a bottle of any kind that we've tried no problem. Depending on the time of day, you will take between 2-4 ounces. You're a little piggy though and you will gulp it down like you've never eaten in your life! Your chubby cheeks are a hit with everyone so you can keep on chugging away.

I know I said if last time but I can not thank you enough for how well you sleep at night, sweet boy. At around seven weeks you started sleep from 10-4:30 or 10:30-5. We put you in either the super swaddle or an arms out swaddle. My goal was to get you to bed for the night around 10-10:30 and sleep until 6 when I went back to work at 8 weeks. And you did it! This past week you have gone down at 10-10:30, let your mama get up at 5 to get ready for work, and I would wake you at six to get you ready for the day. I am one lucky mama to have a boy as good as you, though I'd love you either way. Keep it up for me!

You smile a lot now and it's one of the greatest things. We do the cheerio face back to you and you light up with the biggest smiles. You love being talked to and bounced around. You have such a sweet demeanor. When you cry or you're fussy, it's because you are hungry, tired, or just want to move around and check out the world around you. When you're awake you're always making noises, holding your head up so high. You don't just see things, you really watch and take in what's going on. Another thing that I love that you do is clench your right fist and pound it up and down. You never stop moving your hands and legs {your right sock is usually on the floor from all the kicking your heels so much}. 

Things you like
  • All of the things from last month
  • Smiling at and talking to people
  • Talking to your "sheep friends"
  • Looking at high contrast things
  • Staring at your black and white art cards
  • Being rocked
  • Daddy and mama's cheerio faces
  • Being propped up so you can see what's going on
  • Watching your doggies
  • The super swaddle
  • Looking at lights
  • Listening to music

Things you don't like
  • Hiccups
  • Being on your belly for too long
  • Waiting to nurse once you're ready
  • Mama wiping your face
  • Abrupt noises
  • When you are stopped during eating to burp
  • Gas bubbles
  • Spitting up

Life with you sure is fun. I'm so glad that I get to be your Mama and I can't wait to know you more, sweet Luka. 

Love Forever,
Your Mama