Wednesday, July 8, 2015

A New Classroom: What to Order?!

The day after I got my teaching job, I was asked to come into the school to pick up my catalog so that I could order supplies. Mrs. Horner handed me a book that - I kid you not- was about 2 1/2 inches thick. I had from Thursday until Monday to look through it and come up with an order list. They gave me my budget and I went home and dug right in. As I went through the book I was extremely overwhelmed. WHAT DO I NEED?! I felt like I needed everything. And as a teacher.. you kind of do!

Thankfully, my aunt retired from her job as a second grade special ed. teacher last school year and saved a bunch of things for tutoring, me, and a garage sale! I went through a bunch with her this past weekend before placing my order and talked with her about what I need to get started. She was so helpful! Four other teachers that I will be working with helped me out, too. I'd text, "Hey, do I need to order student paper?" or, "Will a clip chart be in my room already?!" I had so many questions and they were so willing to help. By Monday, I was ready to turn my list in.

So what did I order and what will you need? It really depends on how you teach, but I've compiled a list of things I was given (or else would have been looking for), things I bought on my own or will be buying, and the things I ordered through school!

Just a heads up, some schools supply certain office supplies. I found out after making my list that there was a supply storage area hidden in the office! Asking before ordering or buying wouldn't hurt.

Got a pencil and paper ready?! Here we go!

Supplies for Teacher and Classroom:
-Stapler (a couple won't hurt! Bulletin boards tend to jam them up. Ain't nobody got time to fix that in a school day!!)
-Staple Remover
-Tape Dispenser
-Scotch, Masking, packing, and Mavalous tape. <- the teachers insisted I order this one!
-Single Hole Punch
-Three Hole Punch
-Good Scissors (a few pairs!)
-Paper Clips (assorted sizes)
-Binder Clips (assorted sizes)
-Rubber Bands (assorted sizes)
-Hole punch reinforcements (proper name?!)
-Rings for Pocket Charts/Anchor Charts (assorted sizes)
-Avery labels
-Dry Erase Markers
-Wet Erase Markers (vis-a-vis)
-Permanent Markers (thick and thin)
-Markers (lots! I love grading with the white tube, colored lid, super tip crayolas and the kids use thick ones to make posters, ect.)
-Colored Pencils
-Pencil Sharpener (electric and wall mounted)
-Pens (flair pens are awesome as well as sharpie pens)
-Extra pairs of student scissors
-Craft Scissors
-Magnifying Glasses
-Pointer Fingers
-Sticky Tack
-Bins (you'll need some for a classroom library and things you never knew you needed them for. lol!)
-Note Cards
-Thank You Notes
-Dishwashing Tubs (teacher tip: excellent for storing copies!)
-File Folders
-Clothes Pins (behavior chart, noise level chart, names to turn in)
-Broom (kids love to sweep so grab some hand held ones too!)
-Dust Pan
-Downy Sheets (teacher tip: bees stay away from students if they wave one in the air around them!)
-Plastic Silverware
-Paper Plates/bowls
-Squirt bottle (teacher tip: cool off sweaty kiddos after recess)
-Tension Rods and Fabric to make curtains
-Carpet for "Circle Time" and "Library Area"
-"Treasure Box"
-Toaster/Mini Fridge/Microwave/Coffee Maker (check on school codes!)
-Coffee Cups and Water Bottles
-Lunch Box Tub
-Lunch Card Box
-Storage Tubs
-Glue Gun and Glue
-Zip Ties
-Trays for turning in papers and for teacher storage
-Dish soap (if you have a sink)
-Gloves for cleaning
-Storage for Paint Shirts
-Manilla Envelopes
-Card Envelopes
-Pocket Charts (hanging and tabletop)
-Dry Erase Boards
-Privacy Boards (for test taking)
-Play dough
-ABC Stamps
-Tempera Paint
-Paint Brushes
-Stamp Pads
-Magnetic Letters (Uppercase and Lowercase)
-Googly Eyes
-Popsicle Sticks (for crafts and name pulling)
-Pom Poms
-Pipe Cleaners
-Note cards
-Chart Paper
-Writing Paper (if your school doesn't provide it)
-Copy Paper (white and colored if your school doesn't provide it)
-Art Paper (if your school doesn't provide it)
-Class Bell
-Sentence Strips
-Inside Recess Games
-Sidewalk Chalk
-Laminating Sheets (if you have a laminator, or self laminating if not!)
-Magnets (cute ones and ones that you can glue things to)

I apologize if there are any repeats! I read this list a thousand times and always ended thinking of more things to add. My next teaching posts will be about how to stock up on some of these things with as little spending as possible and how to decorate an elementary room so stay tuned!

I tried to keep this list more about supplies rather than teaching resources. If you'd like a list of more things you will need to help you teach, let me know in the comments below!

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