Saturday, November 16, 2013

Reviews On Youtube

There are a lot of awesome opportunities that come from creating and posting videos on youtube. Many "huge" gurus make a hefty amount of money doing what they do and receive a lot of free products in return for a review. After I realized this was a "thing," I thought it was a really cool idea for companies and gurus to work together. Before making videos of my own, I loved listening to gurus I enjoyed watching and buying products they suggested. When I first started getting into makeup, I was scared to try new products and waste them because they weren't what I wanted.. so their reviews always helped me a lot. It also exposed me to things that probably wouldn't have made their way into my world had I not seen them use them on their channels.

That being said, I find that there is a line with accepting offers to do reviews that should not be crossed.

Numerous companies have contacted me to partner, do reviews, or receive money in exchange for a video.  There have been a lot of companies that have asked me to do reviews and I can count the number that I actually accepted on one hand. 

My channel is a hobby. It's a place to share my life and experiences and make friends. Youtube isn't an outlet for me to gain fame or sell out for money and free products. I have said and will say that I will only ever review products sent to me that I'm actually interested in outside of youtube and that I would actually pay for myself had the company not contacted me. I've turned down many companies because I'm not interested in the products they offer or can not justify encouraging subscribers that I hope trust me to purchase something I wouldn't purchase myself.

Some of the people I watch on youtube have reviewed things and boasted about how awesome they are while I sit here thinking, "are you kidding me?" Especially the videos where you literally get a cut of money from the review. I get it. Some people make their living off of youtube and that's cool.. to each his own. It makes sense to promote products you actually enjoy while also receiving benefits from doing so. I do have a serious problem though, with gurus who promote less than fabulous products to subscribers who admire and look up to them just to make a couple bucks. It's repulsive to me that some people view their subscribers as stupid enough to not see through their true motives. I would hate for someone to take advantage of me in that way.. so I refuse to do it to people I see as my friends.

This post will probably seem a little funny in a few weeks.. because I'm getting ready to do a couple reviews. I guess that is what prompted this post. I will for sure have two, maybe more I'm not sure, because a few companies told me they would send products months ago and never did.

The two that will be going live on my channel are products I actually want to promote. The companies were more than professional and I've enjoyed talking with them thus far. I'm always hesitant when accepting companies' offers, but like I said.. I like what they had to offer and would be interested in them even if they weren't free. This is one reason I accepted. Also, as you know if you follow my channel, I'm trying to get back into filming regularly.. and by agreeing to do reviews.. I'm forced to upload which was reason number two. Reason number three is that sometimes, companies are kind enough to send me something to give to you guys, too! Youtube is something I really enjoy and I don't want to go without it for that long again. I miss making videos. I miss the confidence it gave me. I miss the friends I made. I miss the positive impact I can leave on young girl's lives. And if I have it my way.. I'll be making videos for some time yet! :)

How do you all feel about reviews? Do you enjoy watching them and how do you think they should be approached?

Here's a sneak peek of one of the products I'll be reviewing:

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  1. Love this post hailee! It's so refreshing to see an honest youtuber. I feel like so many of them are fake and it's sad. Youre so personable and I know I can trust your opinion! Looking forward to the videos:)