Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Farmhouse Table Redo

In recent weeks, I have spent a decent amount of time searching every store in my area for home goods. Seriously. If it belongs in a home.. I probably want to buy it. Spatulas, vases, rugs, curtains, soap dishes, pillows, and especially drinking glasses. I am obsessed with pretty drinking glasses like these ones from Anthropologie! Stefan's sister got us a set as a wedding gift and I can't wait to start using them.

Fleur-De-Lys Juice Glass

I guess that is what happens when you buy your first home. You just want to fill it up with the prettiest of things! Unfortunately, student loans will be kicking in soon and Stefan and I do not have a load of money to spend at top of the line stores. I do, however, have time here and there to hit up Goodwill...

Can we just talk about the awesome things you can find at Goodwill? Sure.. there are some not-so-pretty things there too, but I have found some real treasures for our home that were begging for some TLC. Here's the one I am sharing with you today..

This farmhouse table was at one of our local Goodwill stores and I PROMISE this table is extremely photogenic. It's a really nice table.. don't get me wrong.. but the yellow color was that of a kitchen from the 70s. NOT CUTE! It was covered in tobacco juice, had leftover residue from stickers, and a few of the chairs were broken as well. 

I really need to work on my posture and not looking like I hate the world when I'm making my natural face.. but you can see that the top was pretty scuffed up too. Probably from someone's elbow grease. Disgusting. It's a sturdy table though.. and I knew that Stefan and I could turn it into exactly what we wanted.

And TA-DA!

I am so pleased with how our table turned out! So glad we picked this up for 140 dollars.

Here's what we used, where we got it, and how many coats:
Stain - Two coats of Minwax Stain in Dark Walnut (Walmart)
Table Paint - Three coats of Glidden's 2 in 1 Paint and Primer (Semi Gloss) in Eloquent Ivory (Walmart)
Chair Paint - Two coats of Sherwin Williams Rainwashed

Rainwashed by Sherwin Williams

We went back and forth on painting the chairs blue but went with it to add a pop of color. I'm on the lookout for a blue bowl of some sort to use as a centerpiece.

 I love how the leaf looks built in. We plan to always have the table be at it's longest.

I love the character too!

Before and After

Can't wait to get this set out of Stefan's parents' garage and into our house next week!!  Let me know what you think!


  1. WOW! I seen some of your other restoration projects on Instagram, or at least I think that's where I saw them lol, and they all look awesome! You two really have a talent for it! At my parents house they have a gorgeous Amish made table from Millersburg, but they paid a small fortune for it.

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