Monday, September 28, 2015

Bumpdate | Fourteen Weeks!

In case you don't follow me on other social media platforms... I have some kinda sorta huge news to share. I am expecting! Stefan and I will be welcoming our first little one into our family in March. We couldn't be more overjoyed. Definitely one of the most exciting times of my life... Even if I've spent the last seven weeks with my head in the toilet, trash can, or sink. Sorry guys. Pregnancy is a beautiful thing but I will be the first to tell you it definitely doesn't always look, feel, or sound so pretty! Unless you're one of those. Ya know, one of the lucky small 20% or less who don't experience morning {all day} sickness. You just keep feeling awesome and make us unlucky ones feel even worse, girl. Ha, kidding. But really.

So anyway, I definitely have not felt like blogging. Or taking baby bump photos. Or even planning the nursery for many weeks. I woke up on the morning of the week six mark, also our two year wedding anniversary, and felt absolutely awful. And it did not last for just the morning. Who in the world decided to call this morning sickness by the way?? I liken them to the creators of the old Disney princess movies. It's like being set up for unrealistic expectations on crack. Neverending sickness would definitely be more suitable. I mean if you have to carry your bathroom trash can with you in the car because the sight and smell and thought of literally everything makes you feel like death... You've gotta be forewarned with atleast a more fitting name.

In all honesty the first weeks of being sick were thee worst. It was non stop nausea and dry heaving with a little unpleasant something here or there but not too much of that. Around the time that school started, the nausea calmed a bit during the day but I still felt pretty crappy. At that point I started being able to make it through the school day but I wasn't able to keep a thing down in the evening. Around week 13 I started feeling better in the evening and during the day as long as I kept my belly fully. I've become a professional snacker at school. "Take out your reading books." INHALES APPLESAUCE. "Let's review a personal narrative." CHOMPS ON PRETZELS. Not a bad life, really.

And that's pretty much the jist of it all up until this point! Everything else will either be answered below or hopefully shared in a video on my YouTube channel?! I was thinking about trying to film a video tonight about baby T. Let me know if you'd watch!

How far along: Fourteen weeks | Hey second trimester!

Size of baby: Lemon! {3 inches, 1.5 oz}

Must have items: Food. Fruit juice. Bubblegum.

Total weight gain/loss: Last time I checked, I was down four pounds from my pre pregnancy weight so I didn't gain in the first trimester. I'll be making up for that now that my appetite is back I'm sure ;)

Maternity clothes: Haven't purchased any yet. A friend gave me two pairs of colored maternity skinny jeans though and they are SO comfy. I'm sure I'll wear them as soon as the weather cools. {thanks, Jacki!}

Sleep: The quality of sleep is hit or miss. I'm usually up in the night to pee. I flip around a lot and have been researching pregnancy body pillows. Suggestions?! I do love my new bedtime of like 7:30pm. Stefan, however, does not. Lol!

Challenge of the week: This week I have noticed my heart pounding and the dizziness when moving quickly.

Comments: "Are you done feeling barfy?" "Oh my goodness, is that a little baby bump?!" "I say boy."

Best moment this week: When people called out my bump! It's not much, but it's there. And that is so cool. 

Symptoms: Frequent urination, major bloating, food aversions, food cravings, mood swings, hate the smell of most things...

Food cravings: Warm subs or deli sandwiches, certain Mexican food {nothing spicy}, broccoli salad, applesauce, anything dipped in ranch, anything I don't have to cook.

Food aversions: Lettuce, garlic, red meat.

Emotional Moment of the week: I was going through my itunes and listened to "Next 2 You" by Chris Brown and JB. The one part says, "If you had my child, that would make my life complete. Just to have your eyes on a little me, that'd be my forever." Done. Every love song means so much more. And carrying the man I love's child makes me love him even more than I ever imagined I could. Gracious, the tears will be rolling when Baby is actually here with us!

Fears: Everything. Honestly though, I am a worrier as it is and pregnancy can be scary! Every ache and pain makes me wonder if something is wrong. I worry about our ultrasound around 20 weeks and that something will be wrong. I'm worried about a c-section. I'm worried about going into labor early. And silly one - I'm worried about getting sick again! But I have faith that everything will be fine :)

General Mood: I feel like I experience every mood really extremely at all times.. haha!

Gender: We won't be finding out but right now I think maybe a girl?

Labor signs: Nope.

Belly button in or out: In.

Things I was surprised by: The ta-tas. lol! They haven't bothered me as much as they seem to bother some pain wise. I'm not complaining. I'll take a little tenderness if this is the upside ;)

What I miss: A good cup of coffee every morning. I know I can technically still have a cup a day if I want to, but I gave up coffee in May anyway and don't want to go back on that!

What I'm looking forward to: Feeling Baby move and knowing without a doubt that it was Baby!

Baby Movement: I could swear that Baby did a flip on Saturday morning but I'm sure it was probably just wishful thinking :)

Bump: A little  one!

Milestones: We got to hear the heartbeat {170!} three weeks ago and should get to hear again in 8 days. Yay! Do you think the heartbeat will stay high - which is supposed to mean girl, or drop - which is supposed to mean boy according to old wives tales. Guess, guess, guess!

What I think is really cool and crazy: That half of Stefan and half of me is growing away and we get to meet him or  her in 26 weeks!!

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  1. Haaa I was so happy when I saw your post! I would totally watch a video from you! Congrats :)