Friday, November 8, 2013

Is It Just Me? - Forever 21 Earrings

Do you ever find yourself wondering, "am I the only one who thinks this" or something along those lines? I find myself asking it a lot and many times I'm pretty sure it is just me because I'm kind of a weirdo. We're all a little weird though, I suppose.

Anyway, I decided to start a new little segment for my blog called Is It Just Me and then whatever I'm curious about. That way I can figure out if it is just me who feels or thinks a certain way.

For the first one I'm going to be talking about earrings from Forever 21.

Is it just me or has Forever 21's newest earrings destroyed anyone else's ears?

F21 has been my go to store for earrings since I discovered the place during my sophomore year of high school. Their earrings are so cute and extremely affordable and after I got my ears pierced I loved picking up new studs there. I've been wearing their earrings ever since but just this past spring I noticed a difference. I bought three different pairs of studs and haven't bought any since.

 Now, f21 doesn't boast about quality. I'm aware that they don't sell top of the line products but I swear their earrings are being made even cheaper than before but are being sold at the same price, if not even more than back when I was in high school. I can not wear any of those three pairs in my ears. I couldn't even wear any earrings for at least a month because my ears got so infected from my new ones. I thought maybe it was a coincidence so I've disinfected them and tried wearing them a few more times and every time my ears get so irritated they bother me for weeks after. It makes me so mad because since then, I've seen so many freaking adorable pairs that I would love to buy but I'm just too afraid of what it does to my poor earlobes. I've never had an issue with weari

ng cheap earrings until now.. and I was wondering if anyone else has noticed a difference in f21 earrings recently.

So, is it just me?

Leave me a comment and let me know!


  1. You're not the only one, I feel the same way! They make my ears super itchy and sore :( so unfortunate!

  2. This happened to me with a pair of rings I bought last week. I thought it was funny how they emphasized that the jewelry is a final sale item, no returns. They are probably aware of this problem.