Monday, February 8, 2016

Animal Print, Pink, & Picture Day?!

This is a long lost blog post that I came across. Totally finished but just never posted. I love, love, love, this outfit and did use pieces of it for my first picture day last school year. Take a trip back through time with me on this one... Before a pixie cut and baby bump!...

This very well may be the outfit I choose for my first "picture day" as a teacher. Minus the scarf for the picture. I really loved this outfit! Shout out to ebay for this wonderful animal print skirt from Loft. A+ for style, comfort, and compliments. You did me proud, lil skirt!

And that's all I have to say about this one. Lol. :)

Oh hey, nails that everyone thinks are black but weren't supposed to be... I'm bitter.

I love the stud detail on the shoulders and the cross over front. It adds so much pop to a simple blouse!

My all time favorite cardigan that I scored at TJ Maxx last winter. I promise I didn't make Stefan drive me to the store in a snow storm to go buy it. HA! I tried.... but he wouldn't go for it. I did get it the next day, though. #memoriez <- with a 'z' because I'm being funny. Or trying to be.

Rose Gold Earrings || Forever21
Bracelet || Forever 21
Scarf || Forever21
Blouse || Charlotte Russe
Cardigan || TJ Maxx
Animal Print Skirt ||  Loft
Taupe Flats || Kmart

*Wrote this back in September. Not sure why I never posted it! But I really loved this outfit and wanted to share. Also, I did end up wearing (basically) this outfit for picture day. :)

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